Designing For Success: How to Maximize Productivity Through Office Design

There is a long history linking office design to the satisfaction and productivity of employees. A good design can ease the obstacles to productivity by minimizing distractions and noise and enhancing communication and collaboration. Office spaces, however, can become increasingly ineffective over time. Office layouts can affect employee absenteeism and productivity to a great extent. …

Communal working: Why Gurgaon’s workforce is migrating to shared office spaces

Gurgaon loves co-working – there are now more co-working spaces in the Millennium city than any other city in India. A drive towards communal working is increasingly evident in the rise of co-working offices in the capital. A large variety of professionals from individual freelancers to small tech start-up to established company looking to share …

7 Details to Look for in a Co-working Space

The best co-working spaces are those that not only build great circumstances to get the job done, but build an atmosphere that centres on innovation. They build a community of like-minded professionals. A great co-working space provides an environment of comfort and creativity. Of course, along with great coffee!

There are vast opportunities for co-working spaces in Gurgaon. Choosing the right one will really make a difference to you and your company. Deciding on a workspace for rent depends on many factors like design, location, cost, business support, and other perks. Here is an overview of shared office specifications that might influence your decision when considering a space.

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