6 Benefits of Working in a DesqWorx’s Coworking Space in Delhi NCR

Co-working spaces are created with a conscious purpose of creating an environment with the community and networking in mind. The co-working paradigm is unlike the real-estate business where a physical office space is rented. The co-working environment is created with the need to foster connections, create more networks, accelerate the growth spurt and help companies …

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4 Ways To Stay Productive In Your Co-Working Space

Co-working is a grappling concept and is still being tested in the Indian ecosystem. It is an interesting prospect which is being accepted by the start-up generation, young entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. From its mild start sometime in the 2010s in India, there has been a splash of growth amongst the raging Indian economy. The …

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Is Coworking The Future of India?

Coworking space as a concept is quite alien to the general masses. It is due to the rise of millennials and startups culture in the country. The coworking is another western concept that has found wings in India. Relatively a new concept in early 2010s, now co-working industry has carved a niche for itself in …

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