Coworking: A New Workplace Paradigm

Where do you work? Most people’s answer to this question would either be a traditional office space or their home or the same old coffee shop. In today’s modern world you no longer have to follow the same dreary practices as the past. You can choose to work independently, in a shared working environment and …

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The Agile Workplace

Owing to rapid globalization and technological changes, the work environment is swiftly evolving. This evolution has of late taken the form of ‘Agile Working’. Agile working is concerned with creating flexible and efficient work environments. Likewise, agile workplaces are defined as activity-based spaces. Activity-based offices serve a wide variety of purposes. Some of these include …

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Designing For Success: How to Maximize Productivity Through Office Design

There is a long history linking office design to the satisfaction and productivity of employees. A good design can ease the obstacles to productivity by minimizing distractions and noise and enhancing communication and collaboration. Office spaces, however, can become increasingly ineffective over time. Office layouts can affect employee absenteeism and productivity to a great extent. …

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