7 Reasons to Lease an Office in Gurgaon

Once upon a time, there was a small farming village, with rocky soil, not far from the capital. It was covered in dust and nobody thought it would account for anything more than an agro-economy, definitely not one that would thrive. Today, Gurgaon houses 50% of the Fortune 500 companies within its borders. Spread over an area of 732-kilometer squares, Gurgaon currently has a population of nearly 2 million people.

There are two major features to the development of the Gurgaon. Firstly, Maruti-Suzuki set up a plant in Gurgaon in the 1980s, making it the Detroit of India. This gave rise to the automobile industry in Gurgaon. Subsequently, GE established their GE Capital office in Gurgaon, which marked the beginning of Gurgaon as an outsourcing hub.
If Gurgaon’s perseverance and growth haven’t convinced you to lease an office here, here are a few more reasons that will:

1. Millennium city. Gurgaon has been given the moniker of the ‘Millennium City’ and labeled the best ‘city to work and live in’ by Business Today. It is a leading financial hub of the country with the third highest per capita income in India. It houses top outsourcing companies such as TCS, Infosys, WNS, Wipro, etc., and leading multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, and Coca-Cola among many others.
It holds 250 of the largest U.S. corporations. It has rapidly become an international economic engine and its high-value commercial development continues to attract new companies.

2. Affordable. More and more offices are relocating to the suburbs where they can get better value for their money and a good quality of life. Real estate prices are much cheaper in Gurgaon than Delhi. South of Gurgaon (which is Sohna Road onwards), is an up and coming area with very affordable rates. It has decent civic amenities with power backup and competent security. South of Gurgaon accommodates many business centers with automotive, IT and various other multinational companies. The area also has several world-class hospitals, gated communities, and international schools.

3. Global networking- Gurgaon breeds an entrepreneurial culture, as evermore start-ups are coming up. The economy needs entrepreneurs for growth and development, job creation, modernization, and empowerment. With an abundance of the talented and experienced workforce, creativity and innovation are in the air here.
Leasing an office in Gurgaon will give you the opportunity to interact and connect with lots of like-minded, skilled professionals; you can build lasting relationships with. Who you know is almost as vital to your business as what you know. An extensive network can have lasting benefits for your business.

4. Rich talent pool. The city does not attract only multinational companies but also a rich workforce. Since Gurgaon has the largest office space market in India, organizations from various industries have set up their offices here. Gurgaon therefore, has one of the most skilled groups of professionals from various disciplines, specializing in numerous fields ranging from IT to manufacturing. Setting up your office in Gurgaon will present you with all the benefits of a field of competent professionals, ripe for your picking.
Such a diverse workforce with valuable skill sets and useful experience, managing various operations and enterprises, is the most valuable resource for an entrepreneur.

5. Easily accessible. With a meager distance of 30 kilometers away from New Delhi, Gurgaon is the gateway to the North. It is easily accessible by road. The National Highway 48 (previously known as National Highway 8) runs right through Gurgaon and connects important cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai to the capital of the country.
It is also easily accessible by air with the airport being only 17 kilometers away. It is also connected to New Delhi via Metro train.

6. Infrastructure. Being a metropolitan city, Gurgaon has a decent civic infrastructure in terms of schools, hospitals, community centers, etc. The city also consists of multiple self-sufficient islands such as Ambience Island, Cyber City, and the various gated communities. These places have their own power and water backup. Most of these localities have crèches, gymnasiums, ATMs, restaurants and cafeterias, salons, etc. Gurgaon also has good public transport and a well-established metro line which combines both Delhi Metro and the city’s rapid metro line. Gurgaon is soon going to have ‘Pod Taxi’, which will include pods suspended in the air from a rail line. It will enable even better connectivity in Gurgaon.

7. Great Hospitality. With the increase of multinational companies in Gurgaon, there has also been a rise in the hospitality industry.
Gurgaon is an abode of multiple delightful cuisines. It houses thousands of premium restaurants with Japanese, Korean, American, Mediterranean and even Naga cuisine among others. Whether it is fine dining, a microbrewery, a food truck or an app to deliver freshly prepared meals to your office that you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. All international food chains too are well established in the city.

There are a large variety of hotels in Gurgaon, from luxury to business hotels that you can choose according to your budget.

We hope these tips will help you choose the ‘millennium city’ as the place for your office space.

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