Coworking: A New Workplace Paradigm

Where do you work? Most people’s answer to this question would either be a traditional office space or their home or the same old coffee shop. In today’s modern world you no longer have to follow the same dreary practices as the past. You can choose to work independently, in a shared working environment and bathe in the benefits of a collective community. Desqworx, situated in the center of Gurgaon city, with easy access to Huda City Centre metro station, provides a wholesome environment where you can not only plug in and work but also be part of community of start-ups, freelancers, independent professionals and creative thinkers. Coworking is an alternative shared workplace model that focuses on collaboration and mutual gain. Coworking has grown swiftly in many countries in the recent years and is greatly shaping the way Indians work.

Working alone from home or a coffee shop can leave you isolated. Coworking spaces offer professionals an opportunity to work together in a collaborative community of compatible individuals in an energetic work environment. Membership commitments are usually on a monthly basis and quite flexible to individual needs. Most coworking spaces have private cabins, hot-desks, coffee bars and lounge areas. In addition to these meeting rooms, conference rooms, telephone booths, quiet areas for contemplation and reflection and libraries are some features that characterize coworking spaces. Amenities such as video conferencing facilities, game stations, meditation rooms, educational events, workshops, conferences and regular happy hours add to each coworking spaces’ unique identity.

Looking Beyond Traditional Offices

Coworking spaces are an attractive alternative to traditional offices for a variety of professionals such as freelancers, start-ups, independent professionals and small-to-medium enterprises owing to their dedicated, community-driven, economical and innovative environment. Gurgaon has recently had an influx of international coworking spaces that offer appealing services but come at a premium cost. A more economical option is Desqworx on Sohna Road that offers a professional and stable setting to support growing and already established businesses. Your coworking adventure can be a temporary or long-term solution as at Desqworx there is no lock-in period, so you have the flexibility to relocate or expand your teams as needed as well as access other technology services such as branding and website development.

More than Just Working

In recent years with the growth of technology, there has been a shift in the attitude towards work, leading to a rise in the popularity of coworking spaces. Workplace models increasingly endeavor to move beyond the traditional office model towards one that is designed towards increasing productivity and creativity. Factors such as the need for social workplace interaction, the evolution of technology and financial recession have led entrepreneurs to seek more affordable workplaces that are focused on productivity, cooperation, collaboration and fun. Attracting and retaining younger talent is much easier with coworking spaces as they emphasize qualities such flexibility, social interaction and mobility, which are in high demand.
With so many benefits to consider, corporates to are increasingly switching to coworking spaces as they expand their teams due to their cost-effective qualities with no liability of long-term leases. This, in turn, is changing the real estate market in Gurgaon. Numerous forward-thinking companies are increasingly opting for coworking spaces as they reduce the overhead costs and increase efficiency and innovation in a vibrant atmosphere.
Collaboration is necessary for good working and has a positive influence on an organization’s productivity. Coworking caters to this providing a setting where creativity flourishes through working together.

Room for Growth

Traditional offices do not cater well to work-life balance and thus are unable to foster imagination and inspiration. Creative coworking spaces understand the nature of creativity and give it room to prosper. Creativity flourishes when one is relaxed and without the burden of mindless repetitive tasks. Coworking offices such as Desqworx provides dedicated break areas in the midst of fresh greenery and warm lighting that promote relaxation and peace. This enables a clear mind and a fresh perspective.

Desqworx offers creative coworking spaces that are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about working. Visit our locations to experience our unique vision of the working life.

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