More Women in Co-Working Spaces

Traditional office settings are fast becoming obsolete in this brave new world.

New technologies from Internet to laptops to smartphone are making our lives consistently easier and are changing the way we work. Remote work as opposed to traditional office work is gaining strength – either work from home or co-working spaces are available.

Generally traditional co-working spaces have a predominantly male-dominated culture.

The consistent trend coming through most surveys has been the continuous rise of women members in co-working spaces. The reason for this development has been the growing number of women employees opting for co-working spaces.

It makes sense that many are offering woman focused co-working spaces. The concept of women only spaces is not new, women’s club have been prevalent across the centuries and this just seems like an extension of historical precedence.

Some studies say that male dominated workplaces are a potential for sexual harassment and stressful interpersonal interactions that can lead to social isolation. No wonder women are flocking to women centric co-working spaces. The shift towards these spaces has been about creating a space where women can be themselves and do not have to worry about a lot of stressful situations that they can find themselves in.

Women focused co-working spaces are a part of the larger shift of workplaces built around collaboration and sharing skills.

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