Co-working Not Just a Desk on Rent

One the fastest growing industry in Gurgaon today is the co-working industry. Currently you may be a part of a co-working space or may have heard of these places where you can work amidst other organizations and professionals in a supportive environment and share ideas.

But let’s look into what makes some co-working spaces more than a place to just work.

When one walks into a co-working space, you will immediately notice that the vibe is way different to a regular office. The smell of fresh coffee, the electric and energetic atmosphere, some silently focusing on their work in their private cabins and others in engaging conversations at the large shared workplace.

Many co-working spaces are going the extra length to provide work spaces with character. They are converging the business world with lifestyle. The concept of a hybrid office space and a coffee shop, the individuals can choose the environment they want to work in. There are a lot of boutique type co-working spaces out there that are even offering things like wall climbing, yoga classes, indoor Gyms, break rooms with gaming stations etc. etc.

It is estimated that a huge amount of our workforce will comprise of freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs by 2020. One of the reasons in the rise of self-employment is that the barrier of starting your own business is getting easier to cross, biggest one being the office space. Now with the co-working concept coming in, one can get affordable office space for their new ventures. The advantage of these co-working spaces is that one can rent only what one needs and not an entire office. No hassle of maintenance, internet access set up, meeting rooms, front desk and receptionists etc. etc. No more paying the entire year’s fee for using amenities that you will need just for a handful of times.

Co-working spaces are a solution from the isolation of working from home or a coffee shop!

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