Why a Co Working Space and not a Traditional Office

Co-Working Spaces seems to be the new buzz word in the work environment scenario in Gurgaon.
Let’s discuss some reasons why it is better to opt for a co working space rather than a traditional office.
Studies show that co-working spaces where you have a diverse group of independent professionals and freelancers working in shared communal settings tend to be more effective than a traditional office.

Talent Pool: Unlike a normal office, the co-working spaces consist of people who work in different industries, professions, organizations or projects so on and so forth. There tends to be little or no competition or office politics amongst them. In fact, the members thrive on interactions and discussions over coffee with various professionals from different fields on diverse topics. One can bounce ideas across and get different views on them. Co-working spaces also means that there is a variety of professional skill sets under one roof that can be helpful to the other co-working members. It is a great way to network with professionals from other fields. Never underestimate the power of networking! Sometimes new ideas can germinate from these environments.

Flexible Work Environment: Co-Working spaces are available 24 /7. This means that the individual professionals can decide the hours they put in, whether to work late to meet some deadlines or take a Gym break in the middle of the day. Work-life balance is more manageable and the members bring their full self to work! The members can choose whether to work in a quiet space in order to focus or in a more communal space with shared tables where interaction with other members is more. The members can decide for themselves if they want to be left alone to do their work or who to interact with.

Less Overhead Costs: Freelancers, tech industry professionals, entrepreneurs and many more broader organizations would much rather invest in their people for better outputs rather than spending their money on real estate and overheads of a traditional office.

These are the reasons that the co-working movement is gaining strength. It is important to create a right kind of environment for your people nowadays, which is why each co-working space goes to great lengths in order to create a unique experience for their members.

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