Is a coworking space the right choice for you?

Coworking business centers are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world as more and more professionals and freelancers seek out these places for their flexibility and opportunities to collaborate. They cater to entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses allowing them more control over their working lives in a rapidly evolving entrepreneurial culture. It offers a refuge from the isolation of a home office, the distractions of a coffee shop and the restrictions of traditional offices and their long term commitments. Professionals can rent a desk or private office on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, along with amenities such as internet, printer, dedicated locker space, meeting rooms, etc. making it a one stop shop for all business needs and plenty of opportunities to network.

Deciding on whether a coworking space is for you or not is a hard choice but here are a few questions to help you make up your mind.

• Are you looking for a cost-effective way to build your business?
• Do you lack structure in your working life?
• Do you enjoy networking and collaborating with others?
• Would you like to connect with other professionals like you?

Who can make use of coworking?

Starting your own business can be very demanding, even without worrying about electricity bills, air conditioning, furniture, etc. and while some people prefer working from the solitude of their homes, it is not for everyone. Coworking spaces for startups provide an ideal solution to such problems as they are low risk, cost-effective and hassle free with the flexibility of accommodating a growing team in a professional environment. You can get a dedicated desk at your coworking place without the long term commitments of renting a traditional office space.

Independent professionals and freelancers
Although working from home in pajamas provides great flexibility to professionals, there are those who miss the social aspects of work. Coworking provides a setting for likeminded professionals to network and collaborate on various projects without the disruption of one’s home or the noise of coffee shops. You can maintain the balance between work and private life in a cost effective way and enhance your creativity and productivity in the midst of talented individuals. It also provides a professional environment and image of your company when meeting with your clients.

Big corporates
Big companies with unutilized office spaces too are increasingly opting for shared office spaces near employee homes as a response to ever increasing commutes in urban areas. Coworking is an attractive option for businesses looking to establish themselves in India or those unfamiliar with the market as everything is already set up, thus providing hassle free experience where organizations can increase their productivity, network and collaborate with start-ups at an early stage.

Various other professionals such as those that live and work outside major cities but require a short term office or a professional meeting room can avail the benefits of coworking.

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